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For the fifth consecutive year, Beer Institute (BI) and its members are proud to highlight the federal government’s “We Don’t Serve Teens” program that provides parents and other adults with tools they need to help reduce teen drinking. BI and its members share the government’s concern over research indicating that most teens who drink get alcohol from parents and other adults. BI and its members fully support the program's message that serving alcohol to teens is unsafe, illegal, and irresponsible.

The Federal Trade Commission, as part of this consumer awareness effort, has chosen to focus on this important message during the month of September, when schools around the country are back in session for a new year. Beer Institute and its member companies are supporting the “We Don’t Serve Teens” campaign in a variety of ways – such as highlighting it on their Web sites, securing outdoor, print and radio advertising and focusing on getting this important message out to the public in their corporate hometowns – all with goal of reducing underage drinking.

These efforts remind adults that most underage drinkers get alcohol from family members or other adults and if teens can’t get alcohol, they can’t drink it. In addition, there are specific calls to action: don’t buy or provide alcohol to underage persons; talk to your kids about teen drinking; and visit for more information.